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Click the "Summary" tab if you want to sync wirelessly. Outlook saves email inside a file called a personal store, which carries a. Once the Word a spelling checker is installed, you can set up Outlook or outlook 2010 trial ( Express to look for the spelling of. Select "Menu" and after that select "Settings" and "Applications. Microsoft Outlook Web Access allows Outlook users gain access to their email from your remote site utilizing a web browser. But it's kind of a little out from the way feature but you'll be able to do it pretty easily so go in your start menu, go for a control panel and dependant on how you have your display settings, your you realize, configuration for the interface, it might look distinct from mine but find the programs and features option and what that will do is bring up a summary of everything that's installed on your pc and what it'll do is it is going to populate it with everything and somewhere in there would be the Microsoft Outlook Suite and I've got mine there, Microsoft Office Plus immediately.